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Hello! I’m Heather. Thirty-something year old Mum to a beautiful not-so-baby boy called Beau, wife to childhood sweetheart Luke, and doggy Mum to a rather overweight generally-confused-with-life Chihuahua called Louis. I’m a massive over-thinker, I’m obsessed with almond croissants and I adore vintage fashion (check out my little shop if you’re a fellow vintage lover).

My journey to becoming a Mum inspired me to start this blog, and after a 3 year struggle with unexplained infertility and one hugely successful cycle of IVF which resulted in our beautiful Beau, I thought I’d done the hard bit. Oh how wrong was I?

Being a Mum is without a doubt the most incredible, but yet the hardest job in the world and I thank my lucky stars every single day for my gorgeous boy – even when he is acting like a savage beast disguised as an unbelievably cute toddler. I will never forget the ups and downs of my journey to motherhood, and I hope some of the experiences that I talk about here will give hope to all of the warriors that are still trying to make their dreams of becoming a Mum come true.

Sleep, Play, Love has been the holy trinity of both my pre and post baby life, and the pure essence of my existence since the very first moment I decided I was ready to be a Mum. I hope you like it.